Financial Coaching

We want to help make your business dreams a reality

It's time to take stock of where things are at...

Imagine if you could...

- Know your financial position whenever you needed to without a lot of paperwork
- Really (we mean REALLY) understand your profit situation

Know how to organise your financials so that you always know how much you are earning, AND actually make some mon- Stop feeling like your accounts and admin were out of control

- Know whether you had the cashflow to cover all those bills coming in

- Pay yourself what you are worth rather than "investing" all your time because the business can't afford to pay you!!

It is completely possible - and it will cost you less and take you less time than you think!

We are so passionate about helping driven mum entrepreneurs like you learn how to kick your business goals out of the ballpark, and it all starts with you knowing and loving your numbers.

When Amanda and Matt started their family business, they knew how important it was to manage the money side well. Experience not only from her career managing large projects, but also from lessons learned in past small businesses had shown them where the pitfalls to avoid were likely to be. What Amanda found though, when she went looking for ways to manage her financials, were expensive accounting package solutions with heavy ongoing costs that didn't give her all the answers that she needed.

So Amanda built her own business tracker tool.

Now, three years later we have an integrated but simple offline tool that is easy to update and manage, accurate and gives you your complete financial position whenever you need it. We have many clients managing their small businesses completely using our Business Tracker tools and they love the simplicity and results that they are getting.

Business trackers to measure your financial success

When we designed the Business Trackers, we wanted to create a tool that did everything we needed to manage our business. It was also so important that it didn't take much time to do it!

We now manage our business financials with just an hour or two of effort a week and we always know where we stand.

Easily track and report on the following:

  • Revenue and Expenses by month and year to date
    Analyse Revenue and Expense trends
    Track your work-in-progress to know how much money is waiting to be invoiced
    How much tax you need to pay
    How much Super you need to pay (did you know that you should be contributing to Super for yourself??)
    Track profitability on individual jobs (*if using job/product specific references)
    Your business' profitability - track your performance
    Profit and Loss Statement (updated in real time)
    Business Activity Statement (updated in real time)
    Generate Payslips for your staff that auto calculate (*Company version only)

Your mindset can make or break your success

Did you know that you have a mindset about money and success? So often we sabotage our own success because we don't realise that there are sub-conscious beliefs holding us back. Have you ever thought "it doesn't matter if I do my accounts on time, we aren't making that much anyway", or "we can't afford to invest" when considering something that could be game-changing for your business?

We have spoken to so many people who just needed to realise the unspoken beliefs that were getting in the way. Acknowledging and then taking charge of how you view money, your business' success and your own right to earning what you deserve will transform how you make decisions and grow!

Are you curious?

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Book a Discovery Call with Nic - we will talk about where you want to go and how we might be able to work together to help you get there.

the nic and amanda story

We are just like you. Mums with small kids doing the wife, mother, working woman, home-maker, business owner juggle. But we wanted more.

Freedom to decide when we were working and when we were doing all the other things that were important to us. Freedom to work with amazing people that we were passionate about helping. Freedom to design our lives to make an impact and to be deliberate in how we were raising our babies.

So Accession Business Solutions was born. We knew that 90% of small and start-up businesses failed because people didn't have access to the right tools, knowledge and flexible skills development and we wanted to help.When we started Accession though, we had no idea what we were doing, we had the expertise, we wrote a business plan, we created content and built a website - and then we really didn't get it moving the way that we wanted to. It wasn't until we started working with the right business coach that we realised that we were ignoring our own expertise, Nic had been helping businesses get better results and coaching high level executives for over fifteen years and Amanda managing multi-million dollar budgets for global clients and running her small businesses for just as long. It was this coaching and surrounding ourselves with a community of like-minded business mums that we started kicking goals and taking things to the next level. We figured out exactly what we were meant to do, who we REALLY wanted to work with, and simplified things to allow us to be able to do it. Now we absolutely love working together in our business helping professional mums like you create an amazing business that helps you to design the life you want.

Our vision is to help you get the business and life of your dreams ... and have a little fun along the way.

We designed our Signature Financial Coaching Package to share ALL of our learnings in making our business from dream to reality with you. We can help you avoid some of the hard lessons that we learnt along the way. If you would like to get control of your business finances, book a free call with us now to talk about how we can help you.

Our Signature Financial Coaching Program includes:

A complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to ensure that we are the coaches for you!
4 weeks of private coaching with two high-level coaches
Three - 60 minute sessions with Amanda and Nic
Unlimited access via WhatsApp for those days you need extra support
Our custom Welcome Pack created to help you gain clarity on what you want to accomplish (so our time together is laser-focused on getting you the results you want!)
Action steps to keep you on track between sessions
Access to workbooks and tools that we've used in our own business
Certainty that you are finally managing your business like a BOSS!

As part of the package you also receive:

The tracker that is right for your business is included in the coaching package (valued at $200)

Access to our exclusive closed Unleash your potential Facebook group - your community available all the time as well as the ability to ask Amanda and Nicole questions during our Facebook chat times 

Accountability with a 15 min check-in call a month after your last session (valued at $100).

We designed this High-Level Program to support you in...

Figuring out what financial goals you could be kicking.
Managing your business so that you actually know where you are at.
Refining your approach to expenses and reducing spend where you can.
Knowing where your revenue comes from and what you can focus on to maximise growth.
Learning exactly what your products and services cost to deliver.
Creating a financial balance in your business.
Learning how to read your business to help with investment decisions.
Finding your business tribe - like-minded driven professional mums like you.
Finally feeling your success and taking back your time

Your investment to gain financial clarity

$1200 (plus GST)

Only a few spots left at this price. Hurry before the price goes up!
(Payment plans available upon request)

This program is for you if...

You have a business or are wanting to start a business and do it right the first time
You are ready to find your next client (or your first one!) and need help getting through those pesky challenges along the way
You are ready to go from hobby-status to super-successful entrepreneur
You want to get clarity on all the aspects of your business that will give you a strong foundation to succeed
You are ready to smash your mindset boundaries and gain the confidence to embrace how awesome you really are
You are ready to align your brand with your unique strengths and passions to find the clients that can't wait to work with you
You know you need to find your business TRIBE so that you can stop trying to do business alone!
You're ready to SMASH your business and life goals out of the ball park (and work hard to get there)!

Coaching topics

Your one-on-one coaching experience will be unique and personalised, but these are some of the topics we may cover.

Financial health check

Clarity on your purpose and how to design a business that is aligned with your deeper “WHY”
See how many of our Business Health Checklist questions you can answer and what those answers mean
Identify those areas of your business where you need to focus to improve your financial health
Identify how you are valuing your time and your products and services
Calculate your true profitability numbers and get real about how that makes you feel
Build a community so you can work with your ideal client and not just anyone!

Delve into your accounts

Create a business that is genuine and authentic to who you and your family are
Work smarter, not harder with systems that help you manage your business in less time
Gain balance with super productive days and efficient scheduling
Find your solutions for freedom from stress and overwhelm
Prioritize self-care for a more radiant and present you. It’s critical for your success and happiness
Find out where to find like-minded women who will support you while you go from dream to reality
Get the mentorship, coaching, and support your need to thrive and continuously up-level your income and impact.

Business systems that work

Create a business that is genuine and authentic to who you and your family are
Work smarter, not harder with systems that attract new clients
Gain balance with super productive days and efficient scheduling
Design your business to give you the freedom to take time off and spend more time doing what you love
Find your solutions for freedom from stress and overwhelm
Prioritize self-care for a more radiant and present you. It’s critical for your success and happiness
Find out where to find like-minded women who will support you while you go from dream to reality
Get the mentorship, coaching, and support your need to thrive and continuously up-level your income and impact.

Master your mindset

Discover your money mindset and where your beliefs around money are keeping you from the income that you deserve
Find out what has been holding you back from achieving your full financial success
Release your fears and limiting beliefs with simple techniques you can manage yourself
Be a happier and more confident you and truly believe that anything is possible
Figure out the difference between skills that you need to develop and beliefs that you need to let go of
Integrate your new mindset into your lifestyle
Gain the confidence to be your most AWESOME self!

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