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Let's create a seriously successful business!!



  • Know the exact steps to turn your great idea into a business that you love
  • Have a clear vision for how you will make an impact through your business
  • Get rid of fear and that sense of overwhelm, and gain the confidence to be your best business self
  • Understand your WHY, why it is important for you to succeed and how to turn that into motivation
  • Smash down those barriers that get in your way and stop you from doing what you need to do 
  • Create a business that gives you freedom by generating income even when you are not working on it
  • Effortlessly find your ideal clients and win their business
  • Know how to organise your financials so that you always know how much you are earning, AND actually make some money!!


Amanda and I know what it feels like to have amazing dreams of what life will be like - to have an idea that you KNOW will be an amazing business and help people who need it, but not really know how to make it a reality...and we know how hard the slog is to figure it all out on your own. It wasn't until we invested in a high level coach that our business started getting to the next level. 

When we designed our Signature one-on-one Coaching Program, we wanted to share ALL of our learnings in taking our business from dream to reality with you, so that you could avoid some of the hard lessons that we learnt along the way. If you are wondering what it would be like to know where and how to focus your time to make your business a success, book a free call with me now to talk about how we could work together. 


Mindset is everything!

When I had my second baby - my whole world changed, in more ways than I anticipated and I really struggled finding my new mama happy place. I realised working through that time that mindset was everything, I am so passionate about helping other professional mums like you find the right mindset for you to succeed. is about more than just achieving your professional and business goals - it's about being a happy and balanced mum and woman too. That is why I want to work with you - to help you give yourself permission to be your most awesome self and let go of the guilt that is getting in your way.

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We designed this High-Level Program to support you in...

  • Figuring out what you need your business to deliver for you
  • Building a business that will scale to deliver your goals
  • Refining your offering and marketing strategies 
  • Further developing your brand and voice
  • Creating more balance in your life
  • Finding your business tribe - like-minded driven professional mums like you 
  • Finally feeling your success and taking back your time

The Nic and Amanda story

We are just like you. Mums with small kids doing the wife, mother, working woman, home-maker, business owner juggle. But we wanted more.

Freedom to decide when we were working and when we were doing all the other things that were important to us. Freedom to work with amazing people that we were passionate about helping. Freedom to design our lives to make an impact and to be deliberate in how we were raising our babies. 

So Accession Business Solutions was born.  We knew that 90% of small and start-up businesses failed because people didn't have access to the right tools, knowledge and flexible skills development and we wanted to help.

When we started Accession though, we had no idea what we were doing, we had the expertise, we wrote a business plan, we created content and built a website - and then we really didn't get it moving the way that we wanted to. It wasn't until we started working with the right business coach that we realised that we were ignoring our own expertise, Nic had been helping businesses get better results and coaching high level executives for over fifteen years and Amanda managing multi-million dollar budgets for global clients and running her small businesses for just as long. It was this coaching and surrounding ourselves with a community of like-minded business mums that we started kicking goals and taking things to the next level. We figured out exactly what we were meant to do, who we REALLY wanted to work with, and simplified things to allow us to be able to do it. Now we absolutely love working together in our business helping professional mums like you create an amazing business that helps you to design the life you want.

Our vision is to help you get the business and life of your dreams ... and have a little fun along the way

Our Signature Coaching Program includes:

  • A complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to ensure that we are the coaches for you!
  • 2 months of private coaching with two high-level coaches
  • Eight - 60 minute sessions with Nic and Amanda
  • Unlimited access via WhatsApp for those days you need extra support
  • Our custom Welcome Pack created to help you gain clarity on what you want to accomplish (so that our time together is laser-focused on getting you the results you want!)
  • Action steps to keep you on track between sessions
  • Access to workbooks, reading lists, recourses and tools that we've used in my own business 
  • Branding and marketing support to make sure you're wowing potential clients (no more website shame!)
  • Certainty that you are finally building the business that you deserve!

As part of the package you also receive:

  • access to our exclusive closed Unleash your potential Facebook group - your community available all the time as well as the ability to ask Amanda and Nicole questions during our Facebook chat times 
  • access to our suite of business planning tools including Goal-setting guide, Business Plan template, and Income Calculator tools (valued at $200)
  • accountability with a 30 min check-in call a month after the workshop (valued at $200)
  • precious time out to think about you and your dreams (absolutely priceless!)

Invest in you to make your dreams real

$3000 (plus GST)

Only a few spots left at this price. Hurry before the price goes up!

*Payment plans available upon request

This program is for you if...

  • You have a business or are wanting to start a business and do it right the first time
  • You are ready to find your next client (or your first one!) and need help getting through those pesky challenges along the way
  • You are ready to go from hobby-status to super-successful entrepreneur
  • You want to get clarity on all the aspects of your business that will give you a strong foundation to succeed
  • You are ready to smash your mindset boundaries and gain the confidence to embrace how awesome you really are
  • You are ready to align your brand with your unique strengths and passions to find the clients that can't wait to work with you
  • You know you need to find your business TRIBE so that you can stop trying to do business alone!
  • You're ready to SMASH your business and life goals out of the ball park (and work hard to get there)!

Are you ready to see what you can do?

Coaching Topics

Your one-on-one coaching experience will be unique and personalised, but these are some of the topics we may cover


  • Clarity on your purpose and how to design a business that is aligned with your deeper “WHY”
  • Develop your business to combine your passions and your expertise
  • Discover your ideal clients – and exactly what they want 
  • Get to know your ideal client, how to talk to them and where to find them
  • How to start attracting clients BEFORE you even have a website
  • Create a product or service offering that will sell (and price it at your true worth!)
  • Get your finances in order and set specific, tangible income goals to bring in more money, faster
  • Build a community so you can work with your ideal client and not just anyone!


  • Find out just how healthy your business is and how you can improve things to kick those goals
  • Manage your business like a Boss!! Learn the numbers that you should be tracking on performance every week and month 
  • Apply simple techniques to minimise the admin you have to do, business should be about growth
  • Become a pro at pricing your products and services with profit figures that actually make sense
  • Make sure that you are planning for your money future, and those bills that will keep coming in
  • Handle staff easily and set your boundaries for when help is required
  • Sleep easy at night knowing that there aren't any unknowns in your businesses financial tracking!


  • Create a business that is genuine and authentic to who you and your family are
  • Work smarter, not harder with systems that attract new clients
  • Gain balance with super productive days and efficient scheduling
  • Design your business to give you the freedom to take time off and spend more time doing what you love
  • Find your solutions for freedom from stress and overwhelm
  • Prioritize self-care for a more radiant and present you. It’s critical for your success and happiness
  • Find out where to find like-minded women who will support you while you go from dream to reality
  • Get the mentorship, coaching, and support your need to thrive and continuously up-level your income and impact.


  • Build a brand that is quintessentially you and speaks to your ideal client
  • Help your ideal clients find you online with a marketing plan that will work
  • Personalise your social media strategy so you can manage it quickly and efficiently
  • Reach ideal clients via webinars and live-video
  • Build your list with simple opt-in techniques 
  • What unsubscribe really means (don't worry, it's not what you think!)
  • Run highly targeted Facebook ads (stop throwing away cash on ads that don’t convert)
  • Design stand-out landing pages
  • Create automated sales funnels that build relationships and turn cold traffic into potential clients
  • Get in front of your ideal clients with collaborations
  • Take advantage of Facebook groups to share your message and get noticed (without feeling icky!)


  • Find out what has been holding you back from achieving your full success
  • Release your fears and limiting beliefs with simple techniques you can manage yourself
  • Be a happier and more confident you and truly believe that anything is possible
  • Find out how to be the centre of a happier home life with a contented family and contented you
  • No more comparing yourself because you’re exactly where you need to be
  • Discover your money mindset and where your beliefs around money are keeping you from the income that you deserve
  • Figure out the difference between skills that you need to develop and beliefs that you need to let go of
  • Integrate your new mindset into your lifestyle
  • Gain the confidence to be your most AWESOME self!


  • Set goals based on your dreams that you will do what it takes to achieve!
  • Learn a simple approach to planning which will keep you focussed on delivering on your goals
  • Kick-start your 90 day planning and be held accountable for achieving success
  • Set strategy that means something, automated processes that minimise your work, and delegate tasks to be your most efficient self
  • Find those places in your life where investing in help before you feel ready will help you up-level your business faster!
  • Respond to your financial and performance data with agile planning and business strategy so you can jump on momentum when it happens
  • Work with us to make sure that you have fun every step of the way!


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